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We are those who, on a daily basis, work to improve the quality of our modern democracies at the international, national and local levels. By sharing your knowledge and experiences, you will help empower those that want to develop participatory democracy in their own organizations, countries, regions and big cities.


International Symposium

Several foreign officials spoke at the international symposium titled "Citizens and Decision Making: issues of legitimacy and effectiveness" organized by the CNDP.


World Wide Views on Climate and Energy 

As part of the preparation of COP21, on June 6 2015, 10,000 citizens participated in 97 debates across 76 countries. It was the world's largest citizen consultation ever. 


Creation of l'Esprit d'Aarhus

In order to strengthen participatory democracy accorss the world, the CNDP launched l'Esprit d'Aarhus, an international network on participatory democracy.

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Our goal is to help strengthen the culture of participatory democracy by sharing good practices in citizen participation and conflict management. Join us in order to keep up with the latest improvements and innovations in the field of participatory democracy.

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